How to Use Yoroi

How do I send and receive ADA using Yoroi?

In order to receive Ada using Yoroi you first need to create your wallet in Yoroi. Be careful to store your 15-word recovery phrase for your wallet which you will get during the wallet creation process. This is very important, if you lose this you will likely lose your Ada.

To receive Ada go to the Receive tab in your wallet and generate an address. Use a button in the user interface to copy it to the clipboard and then share it with the person who is going to send you Ada.

To send Ada, obtain a Yoroi address from the person you are going to send Ada to and use the Send tab in your wallet to send the desired amount of Ada to that address.

Once I have downloaded Yoroi, how long before I can send and receive ADA?

Once you have downloaded Yoroi, you will need to create and backup your wallet which takes a couple of minutes. As soon as your wallet is created and your 15-word Yoroi Recovery Phrase is safely backed up, you will be able to send and receive Ada instantly since there is no need to wait for blockchain synchronization.

What hardware supports Yoroi?

Any hardware that supports Google Chrome and Extensions. This means that you can use Yoroi in Linux, Mac OS, Windows, among others, but not in iOS or Android.

How do I download Yoroi?

Yoroi can be found and installed through the Chrome Store.

Can I run Yoroi on 2 different computers?

Yes, as long as you don't have both instances open at the same time. (Keeping both open could cause desyncing issues)

How do I log out of the Yoroi wallet?

There is no function to log out of the Yoroi Chrome extension. You can simply close the tab to exit. Note that your spending password is required in order to send ada from Yoroi, so nobody else can transfer your ada without your password.

How do I uninstall Yoroi?

Simply remove the plugin from Chrome in the Extensions section.

Warning: This will remove the private key and all storage associated with the wallet. We highly recommend that if you want to access the wallet in the future, you have a backup of the mnemonics words.

Is staking available in Yoroi?

Yes, there is a delegation center, called Delegation List, where you can see all the available stakepools (ranked) in the ecosystem.

Also Yoroi has a delegation center where you can visualize your rewards history.

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